Why Aksu Plastik?

Aksu continues to be the friend of your business and your pocket with its quality standards and reasonable price policy.

Our production company, which has been going on since 1988, meets the product you need in the most appropriate way for your budget.

AKSU, which does not allow the tricks and unfair profits made by various companies that are not easy to understand, is proud to be appreciated by you, our valued customers, and continues to walk confidently, taking it as its duty to meet your needs.

Why Ready Chopping?

Since the joinery produced is of standard size, it is our leading duty to make it more affordable both in terms of speed and cost, and to present this to the customer as a "cheap window".

Ready-made joinery is easier to assemble than special sizes, and the workmanship error in production is minimal.

In addition to being cheap, without compromising our standardized quality, both the accessories used and the poor quality accessories that have become widespread in the market offer all kinds of quality in front of you, unlike the market goods that are thought to be cheap and without sheet metal.

The most important reason why it is cheap is the ready-made joinery version, it has a low profit margin.